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There's a Hero on Your Desktop - Popular Science

To most, it's just a printer. But to tissue engineers, rocket scientists and architects, the good old inkjet is the secret to grand innovation If you were to toast the most dazzling gadget in your home, you might compose an ode to your plasma TV, recite a limerick about your computer-controlled telescope, or maybe sing the praises of your video conferencing, nose-hair-trimming espresso maker. But the invention most deserving of your adoration, the contraption that will one day sit in the pantheon of great American machines alongside the telephone and the transistor radio, is something far more prosaic. It is the inkjet printer, and it is much more than a peripheral. Its core technology may seem simple—an array of nozzles that moves back and forth, depositing tiny droplets of ink on paper—but its breadth of uses has turned out to be nothing short of astonishing, so much so that the humble inkjet is driving innovation in disciplines from aerospace engineering to pharmacology. So star

Women's Bible Study List

My Bible study is online! Cool! CCP is doing Phillipians right now. - Court: Man can sue for distress over surprise pregnancy - Feb 24, 2005

Tim pointed me to this one. The sad thing is, both people involved would appear to be highly intelligent, not guests for the Jerry Springer show. Both are doctors. This world is getting more and more ridiculous.

Perry Mason DVD

WOOHOO!!! Yes, I watch Perry Mason. Yes, I have watched it since I was a kid and through reruns have probably seen all of them. But still :) I wonder if the later Perry Mason movies will be included in the collection.

Most Embarrasing Moment

Last night was the Cub Scout Blue & Gold Dinner . It was going great, until I was trying to capture Josh's "crossing over" from Cub to Boy Scout. Joy had gotten herself more food and I told her that she had to sit down to eat it. I meant at a table. She figured anywhere would be fine so long as she was sitting down. So she sat on my feet. Then moved over to Tim's feet. That wasn't comfortable enough so she moved back to my feet. And proceeded to have a very wet accident. Tim and I watched this puddle grow between my feet. It took all of 5 seconds to figure out what it was, but by then it was too late. We then had to quietly and quickly grab as many napkins as possible to sop up the mess. Tim crabwalked and got the wipes while I kept piling napkins on the puddle to soak it up. One of the den leaders and another mother were right next to me. We were trying not to laugh, and I was trying not to turn red. Joy was trying to do the "accident waddle" and k

Poopy Days

In my daughter's quest to make herself unequivocally understood, she decided to poop in her underpants. She announced to me as I was changing someone else's diaper and while the downstairs bathroom was occupied, "Mommy, I went poopy in my underwear". She even turned around and pulled at her waistband while saying this. My plaintive reply was, "Why did you do that? Why didn't you tell me you had to go?" She replied, "I want to wear a diaper" and proceeded to pull one out of her diaper box. *sigh* Well, at least all the children are down for their naps now and without argument :) And I thought we were doing so well! She stayed dry all through the morning, through her nap, and most of the afternoon yesterday.

The trouble with babysitters ...

Is that they are a high commodity!!!! It is nigh impossible to find a good one on short notice. Though I was blessed today, got two acceptances in short order. Finding two reliable, (inexpensive), teen girls who are comfortable with my kids .... our favorites were booked up already, but located a new one and the one teen in our neighborhood that I trust is back in town and able to do it! WOOHOO!!!!! So, now I just have to get my DCK out the door on time (like that's going to happen) and hopefully get to our function tonight. *sigh* I do believe that Tim and I will miss the dinner portion :(

Potato Vaccine for Hepatitis B: Syringes off the Menu?

This week in the research journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Thanavala and colleagues report on the first human, or clinical, trial for a plant-derived HBV vaccine. HBV is transmitted by blood or sexual fluids.

Day of Purity

Day of Purity : "The Day of Purity is a day when this nation's youth can make a public demonstration of their commitment to remain sexually pure, in mind and actions. In today?s culture, students are bombarded with the message that they should become sexually active at a young age and to experiment with their sexual preferences. The Day of Purity offers the youth who strive for sexual purity an opportunity to stand in opposition to a culture of moral decline. When the youth of America stand up for sexual purity they send a message to parents, churches, communities, legislators, and the media that they want a different America. Now is the time to let your voices be heard. Be a part of the ?counter-culture? -- be politically incorrect. The Day of Purity is a step in the direction of positive change. "

Marines face tougher recruiting questions

This is an understatement ..... "'I'd say it has made it more challenging on a number of fronts,' said Capt. Timothy O'Rourke, executive officer of the Marine Recruiting Station Chicago."

Rare drug-resistant HIV found in NYC

Talk about scary .... Sat Feb 12, 6:34 AM By VERENA DOBNIK, Associated Press Writer NEW YORK - City health officials are working to track down sex partners of a man diagnosed with a rare strain of highly drug-resistant HIV that progressed rapidly to AIDS." The virus was found in a man in his mid-40s who had unprotected sex with other men, often while using crystal methamphetamine, an addictive stimulant, health officials said Friday. "We are not aware of another case like this in the United States, or elsewhere," said Dr. Ron Valdiserri, deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention. Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Frieden said the rare HIV strain is "difficult or impossible to treat."

From my mother

Good Morning! I had an epiphany this morning. No, it didn't hurt much, but then epiphany's usually don't. Never mind, the mind is gone. Any how, the epiphany is "if you don't slow down, God will slow you down." Now, you know that Tim and I and who knows else have been telling you to drop some of the stuff you're doing. Well, if you ain't gonna listen to us, then God will help you listen the hard way. Capice? You know we love you. But you have to love you too. Eph. 5:29 applies to women also. Its not just about feeding and keeping clean, its about BALANCE. Just because we have 1 specific day of rest that we are supposed to take, does not mean that we are supposed to be on the go and doing the other 24/6. Take care of your body, mind, and spirit. Oh poop. Pray about it and God will give you insight into the rest. That's my missive for the day. Don't sweat it. I "preach" to Bobby also. Adam will get his chance and Britany

Ode to Cleanliness

Well, not really. I just want to know ... how *do* you maintain a clean house? It still eludes me.


Joy put herself down for a nap for the first time EVER!!!! Well, I told the girls that they had to nap. I thought for *sure* I was going to have to take Joy to her room and rock her (eventually) like I do almost every other time I tell them it's nap time. Today, she asked for 5 more minutes of Lego play (getting good at that -- the asking for 5 more minutes), then she wanted 5 minutes of feeding the baby. I said "No way" to that request. So she went to the back (play) room and got a sleeping mat and the "shoe pillow" (it's the Boppy). She arranged herself at least three times, then complained that the mat was cold. I got a cover for it, got her settled and ... her blanket wouldn't cover her feet. So I went to her room and got the quilt that a friend had made. Joy covered herself from head to toe and .... I haven't heard a peep out of her in at least an hour and a half!!!! She has NEVER put herself to sleep before!

oh what fun we're having now

So, we've ruled out (again) asthma. Now we get to see if I have something wrong with my heart or bronchospasm . Doctor's orders: don't exert yourself until the cardio test on Wednesday. I run my own in-home daycare . How can I NOT exert myself? I get to find subs for the next 4 days. Though I am considering being open. Tim looked at me like I was crazy. He's already had to miss at least 8 or 9 hours of work because of my health and doesn't want me to go to the ER anymore, or to the doctor. I just want to be able to do my normal activities and not feel like I have run a marathon!

well, this is fun

This morning I am having even more trouble. and I am not fond of the albuterol, though I did take some earlier, I should probably take some more. I HATE not knowing what's wrong with me ....

I wish I had a recorder

You know the song "I've got the joy joy joy down in my heart (where?!) down in my heart" .... it's on one of Joy's favorite CD's. She JUST realized that there was a song with *her* name in it on Monday. Since then, she's been singing that song instead of "Hallelu, Hallelu". And the she asks "Me? Down in the heart? Me?" sometimes while pointing to herself. It's cute. And she can carry the tune pretty well too. Anyway, she was singing it this morning, mostly to herself while she waits for me to start crackers and Wiggles. Ah, a mother's job is never done :)


Albuterol *does* taste nasty. I am taking it for shortness of breath, of which it has nothing to do with my lung function. No asthma. But more on that later. This stuff has an aftertaste. No wonder my kids don't like taking it. And I *still* feel short of breath!!!!

I'll try to make this interesting

Yesterday started out a little gloomy (weather wise) and then quickly went downhill from there. As you may know, I run an in-home daycare. My only child yesterday called in sick. WOOHOO! I had just called and made a doctor's appointment for some shortness and fatigue that I have had lately. I made it for the 22nd. When I found out I wouldn't have any kids yesterday I called immediately and got an appointment for 11 that morning. From 10:30 in the morning to 10:30 at night I was either at the doctor's office or in the ER being subjected to who knows how many tests!

Not a good Thursday

Today is not a good Thursday. I'm cranky and tired and short-tempered. Three things to not be when taking care of toddlers. My infant is being an absolute angel, but then he usually is. My daughter has managed to paint furniture and one of the girls I take care of, in addition to the project they were working on. The other girl has turned into a consummate tattletale about *everything* despite constant admonitions that I don't need to know about it unless Joy is hurting herself or something or someone else. It's truly annoying. I just want to curl up and take a nap and maybe start the day over. Oh well. Maybe some cleaning will help. I've offered story time, but the girls aren't interested and I have no energy to force the issue.


Well, with minimal kids here, I kinda let Joy do whatever to entertain herself. This morning she played on the computer a little, helped me put away groceries, learned how to cook eggs (with supervision), watched Wiggles Safari , had me read to her two books ... and then ... when the Wiggles video was over, asked for another movie. The movie? Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones . I asked her three times if she was sure this was the movie she wanted. Each time she said "yes". She has wandered away from it, but I know the second I try to turn it off she'll tell me to put it back. Oh well. Her daddy will be proud.

Out of Practice

I am really out of practice when it comes to changing little boys. In the last month or so I have been pee'd on at least 4 times. It's a bit -- embarrassing, if not disconcerting. Josh never got me as much as my two part-timers have.

Bath Time exchange

Tim:You do your front, I'll do your back Joy: No ...I'll do my back Tim: you can't reach your back Joy: Yes, I can (reaches hand behind her) I reach my back *smile*

Can Boots Read to You?

The last few days we have been teasing Joy by asking her if Boots (one of our cats) can read her bedtime story instead of us. Her emphatic answer each time is "No! Boots doesn't have any hands!" Sometimes she says it in a voice like "Mom, Dad, are you dense? What part of "doesn't have hands" don't you understand?" and then she smiles. I finally got it on tape . Though she saw me with the camera .... that last phrase in case you don't understand toddler-ese is "I wanna see me" ... and yes, she is saying "Cheese" while waiting for me to take a picture Enjoy! OH MY GOSH! Just before hitting publish Tim says, "Hey Boots, read Joy a story." Joy says, "No, Boots can't talk".

All Quiet on the Home Front

I can't believe that it is noon already. The morning went by quickly, and not because of a lot of activity. My dcb is sleeping well and for the first time for more than a 1/2 hour. Joy has been *quiet* all morning and entertaining herself with some few hugs from me and needing minimal attention and lap time. I really can't believe that it is lunch time already. I guess I should eat before the baby wakes.