Too Much

Do you ever have days when you know that you are doing too much? Or just in general doing too much?

This morning I have 3 back-to-back meetings starting at 8 AM and ending around noon, ranging from Beaverton to the other side of Hillsboro. Only one of these things was actually on my calendar and in my radar. The fact that I am writing this now lets you know that I missed the first meeting. ... You know you're tired when your 2-year-old daughter pulls you out of bed to lead you to the shower and you can't open your eyes. Joy is really excited to run errands and go to meeting with me, but I just couldn't open my eyes!

My SIL is supposed to visit and I still have to rearrange the playroom, get insulating film put up on two or three more windows, get to Lowe's and Michael's for sale stuff, do some laundry, do my Bible study, and get at least one newsletter done -- for which the content has yet to reach my desk. I'm the publisher/editor, but I don't write content. All of the above needs to be done by Monday.

Tim says, "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" -- referring to some of the items on my list that I can't do anything about until material gets to me -- *sigh* I am bone tired. Now it's time to send off a few more emails, hop in the shower and hopefully get to my chiro appt. on time.