The Blessing in Pink Eye

Well, Joy woke up with what looks like Pink Eye. I had a mad scramble calling all of my daycare kids away and one called on her way. It was supposed to be her boys' first day here. What a lousy first impression. Another I had to turn away at the door. It was a very hard choice for her, either take her dd to work or pay $40 to another provider for drop-in care. *sigh* I think she's only going to work a half-day and make it up by not taking her late days for the next few weeks.

How *do* you keep kids healthy in an environment like this????

Oh yeah, the blessing -- I now have plenty of time today to spend with my children, after we get Joy to the doctor. And maybe I can get a little more caught up on cleaning house. It's in total CHAOS right now except for the living room. And even that is headed into CHAOS since both Josh and Joy are down there.

Almost 8:30, time to call the pediatrician.