On the Road to Potty Training

I've mainly given up on having the time to properly and quickly train Joy. She's getitng the hang of it though. Yesterday she went the *whole* morning without an accident in her new Winnie-the-Pooh underwear.

First, she disobeyed me because I told her that she could wear the Pooh underwear *after* she was potty trained. She managed to open the package, take off her diaper, and put on the underwear. I told her that if she had an accident, pee or poop, I would take away ALL of her underwear. With her usual determination she said, "I won't poop. I won't pee." I re-emphasized the importance of going to the potty and NOT going in her underwear.

Throughout the morning I asked her a few times if she had to go. Each time she said "No." We then had an outing to the library and she stayed dry the WHOLE morning! The whole morning! She didn't do anything until I put a diaper on her at nap time, close to 1 PM. close to 5 hours dry !

I'm so proud of her!!!!
We'll see if I can get a repeat performance out of her today or even later this week.
Annette Sargent
Open Arms Family Daycare
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