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Joy's First Home movie

Well, not exactly the first, but the first that I have been able to edit. She finally figured out how to open doors. Now, more than ever, we need to babyproof all doors. She hasn't figured those out yet. You can click on the photo or click here to see the movie. Joy spent at least 5 minutes just going between her room and Josh's. Josh even came out of his room to watch her. Now, in the middle of the night, if we don't hear her, she just opens her door and comes to our room. So much for privacy :)


That's an apt description of Joy. This morning, on our usual trip to the park she successfully went down the fireman's pole by herself. I was helping the kids down it and giving them pointers. Joy actually listened and then some! She reached out with one hand and then said "Hands off!", her way of telling me she can do it herself. She reached out with one hand, swung a leg out around the pole, swung the other leg out, and then let go of the play structure with her other hand and slid all the way down. She was so happy, saying her little "Yay!" and clapping her hands, and then running around to the stairs to do it all over again. I can't believe that she went down the fireman's pole by herself!!!!
I'm a little despondent today and a lot tired. borderline sad, or maybe just apathetic. Tim is of the opinion that I have too much on my plate. I'm of the same opinion too. I can't keep track of everything I have on my plate, let alone do it all. But I don't know what to drop, or if I can drop anything. Right now I just wish that I could take a nap with the toddlers. But I have to watch the kids, who are watching a Mary-kate and Ashley movie. ... TV really is hypnotic ..... I suppose I should eat some lunch and get some more paperwork done.

Potty Training for Real

And so it begins. We've gone through 2 pairs of "Dora" underwear and 2 pairs of vinyl pants. We've gone to the bathroom 3 times, but nothing ever comes out. Not till ten minutes later when she's gone on to something else. My poor little daughter came to me after lunch, just about 15 minutes after our last try, and kept mumbling "diaper". I didn't catch on to what she was saying for almost a whole minute. We'll go back to the underwear after nap time. And I just love doing laundry.