August 20, 2004

Even her feet got the royal treatment.
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My little artist, before the body art started.
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Look ma, what do you think of my new toenail color?
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Finished the other leg, now for this one....
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My little Picasso, or perhaps Mary Cassat or Dali. After finger painting Joy started her typical body art but really got into it this time. She got her face, had a minor fit because some got into her mouth. After we got her cleaned up, she went right back to it!!
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Gotta make sure every inch is covered.
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First Poop

August 9, 2004
Joy did her first poop in the toilet last night!

I know thesilly little things we get excited about.

Oh dark thirty

August 7, 2004
So, I've been up since 3:30 or so and can't seem to get back to sleep. Not that I have really tried, but I just don't feel like going back to bed. For the last few days I have felt that I needed to work on a letter detailing my trip to Mexico before the details fade. I guess I should stop procrastinating and get on with it.
August 4, 2004
Joy is growing by leaps and bounds and so is her understanding and speech. Just a snippet from today. I told her that I would finally get dressed and then we would go for a walk at a duck pond. She runs into her room, I ask "Are you getting your clothes?" She absentmindely nods yes, but walks into my room, not with jeans, but with one of her duck books. And then repeats "Duck pond". She does need to work a little on enunciation, but hey! she knew where to find a picture of a duck with a pond :)
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