You know, this morning I prayed for guidance, grace, I think patience (though I try to avoid that word), love, and all the things I would need to get through the day gently guiding my children and trying not to be an ogre. Guess what? I have had day where all I wanted to do was go back to bed and start over.

I started the day feeling physically exhausted, I thought a shower would make me feel better. No such luck. Then, the mere presence of my son annoyed me. Especially his way of trying to direct my actions and things I should do. HELLO! Who is the parent in this household? Anyways, it's a very annoying habit of his that I haven't been able to break and he was using it full force this morning. Just trying to be helpful you know and remind me of my duties and responsibilities. Trust me, I know full well what they are.

Emotionally I felt and still feel just completely weighted down. If there is a God and today was a test, I failed it miserably. My temper was short and in full force. I've yelled more than spoken quietly and have just had a tired, annoyed way of looking at the world today. *sigh* Here's to hoping that a decent night's sleep will make me feel better. And please, no Wiggles songs in my head tonight!!!!!