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Update on Joy and the Wiggles. She made up her own sign for them and requests one either their tape (the only one we own right now) or one of the CD's I've borrowed from the library daily -- sometimes two to three times daily. Usually three. They've even superceded Sesame Street and Between the Lions . TIme to take Josh to Cub Scouts .
You know, this morning I prayed for guidance, grace, I think patience (though I try to avoid that word), love, and all the things I would need to get through the day gently guiding my children and trying not to be an ogre. Guess what? I have had day where all I wanted to do was go back to bed and start over. I started the day feeling physically exhausted, I thought a shower would make me feel better. No such luck. Then, the mere presence of my son annoyed me. Especially his way of trying to direct my actions and things I should do. HELLO! Who is the parent in this household? Anyways, it's a very annoying habit of his that I haven't been able to break and he was using it full force this morning. Just trying to be helpful you know and remind me of my duties and responsibilities. Trust me, I know full well what they are. Emotionally I felt and still feel just completely weighted down. If there is a God and today was a test, I failed it miserably. My temper was short and in full
It's very frustrating to get up early, have the whole day planned, and then have nothing done by 1:00 PM. *sigh* It's even more frustrating when your blogging software stops working. I have been trying to post since Saturday afternoon. FInally had to go to Blogger to post