Joy's new words for today are "Yes" and "Wiggles" ...well, she can't fully say "wiggle" but she can grab their video and make a two-syllable sound that starts with "w". And she even watches for a few minutes before being distracted by something else. She's also still picking up signs. I taught her "paper" the other day, so now she can ask for that with her colors (crayons). She kinda mixes "please" and "hungry" but at least she says "please" now. For about two weeks she absolutely *refused* to say it. Would rather wait us out. I wonder where she got that from?

Her favorite words it seems are "Elmo" -- no longer "momo". About a week ago Sunday she clearly said "Elmo" and rarely uses "momo" to talk about the red monster. She also says Ernie pretty clearly. Can't get her to say Big Bird or Cookie Monster yet. Her fave sign is "cookie". Go figure on that one, huh.

And boy can she work the VCR. Time to move it up out of her way.