We had a pretty good holiday. The kids got what they wanted. Josh is reading about one Animorph book per day (we got him a boxed set of 18 that someone was selling on eBay). Joy is thrilled to have her own baby stroller. She zooms up and down our hallway, sometimes without the baby. She puts all manner of things in it. And her books. She has to take a book with her when we go out. It's sweet.

I got some of the CDs and a graphic novel that I wanted and Tim got a lot of things that I had heard him mention but didn't make it to his wishlist. Like the Empire Strikes Back Radio Drama and Offerings by Third Day.

I need more arms. This year we had a video camera, so we taped Christmas and I didn't get into too many pictures. I know there has to be a way to get pictures off the video tape, pretty sure I read something like that in the user manual.

Ah well, it's Monday, Tim is off vacation and I have to get me and the kids back on some sort of routine. Starting with breakfast around 12. Well, it is vacation.,....


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