I find myself staying up later and later on days that I am tired or in pain. And then I wake up even more tired and sore. I do not want to turn into a bitter old woman who can only think of her physical pain, but that is where I am headed. I am only 27 years old and I have some really bad days with my back. I try not to take more than 600mg of ibuprofen because I am still nursing. I used to take Aleve (TM) but can't until I stop nursing. Being in pain makes me really moody, and being in a bad mood sucks for my whole family. Then I feel worse.

I do have a chiropractor that I see on a regular basis, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Who do you see if you think you are getting arthritis? My grandmother got it early, but in her hands and knees. I'm afraid I have it in my back or that I have really messed it up in the last few years.

Word to the wary, if your doctor tells you to do certain exercises, DO THEM!!!!