[Thursday;03:16 PM] Tymbrwulf: guess what your daughter is doing
[Thursday;03:16 PM] WhslngDeth: Climbing?
[Thursday;03:16 PM] Tymbrwulf: no....
[Thursday;03:16 PM] WhslngDeth: Getting into stuff? drawing? Driving you crazy?
[Thursday;03:20 PM] Tymbrwulf: you know that leaky cup of hers
[Thursday;03:20 PM] Tymbrwulf: she was letting some drip on the table, then taking her dirty tank top from a few days ago and wiping it up
[Thursday;03:20 PM] WhslngDeth: Oh brother.
[Thursday;03:22 PM] Tymbrwulf: she did this a few times in a row before .... going over to my purse and finding the checkbook and pen
[Thursday;03:22 PM] Tymbrwulf: she's trying to write a check now
[Thursday;03:22 PM] Tymbrwulf: I went over to her to grab the checkbook and she pulled it away from me and looked like "MINE, you left it where I could get it"
[Thursday;03:23 PM] * WhslngDeth rolls his eyes...she's not even 2 yet!
[Thursday;03:23 PM] Tymbrwulf: she was *luckily* writing on the backs of the duplicates


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