My daughter is growing soooo fast. This morning she wanted to get ready with me. She brushed her teeth, then wanted to brush her hair. So she did that while I did mine and then I put some clips. Now ... she crawled into the sink to get to my lip gloss, the flavored stuff. So my little angel is all made up (well, hair and lips, I don't wear any other makeup).

Now, she turned on the TV, flipped the channels and settled on Christoper Lowell. She did the same thing yesterday. My child who does not sit still is sitting totally engrossed. She even claps when the audience claps. It's kinda cute and kinda creepy. and oh yeah, she's eating a cup of ice. She's teething again. I just wish I knew what the draw was for her about a design show. She kinda watched Surprise by Design yesterday too.


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