I'm proud of myself today. I got two loads of laundry, actually three, completely washed, dried and put away. The put away part is especially important :) I am LOUSY at putting laundry away.

I've been a subscriber of FlyLady for over a year now and I am still getting "flywashed". The thing that has begun to stick is the "do it now" principle. I just have to consciously hear myself repeat that in my head for things to get done. And the bed gets made everyday!!! At least 2-3 mornings Tim either helps me or does it himself. It's been especially nice since our anniversary when he got us a mahogany 4-poster bed ... with canopy :)

So anyways, I *finally* declutterd my side of the bathroom sink and organized all my hair and beauty stuff. Quite a bit of it I don't use anymore (I mean, who has time to curl her hair, with curlers or a hot iron????) and got rid of a lot of makeup that I don't use and/or won't use. I even managed to vacuum the whole upstairs, including my bedroom and Joy's. It was nice to have a feeling of accomplishment and be satisfied with what I had done. I wanted to do a lot more, but I did get more done than planned, mostly that bathroom project. I've been procrastinating about that for MONTHS.

Ok, off to get a decent night's sleep ... I hope.