September 25, 2003
Though, the whole undressing thing, Joy did it to me today. I got her dressed and she took off her shirt almost immediately. I'm going to have one of those. You know, the little girls that like to do an unconscious striptease in public. Time to buy more bodysuit type shirts. On the other hand, it does make it a whole lot easier to clean her up after eating!!
I must say, I am impressed with Fujitsu. My laptop this morning survived a real encounter with Joy. And it seems to be working just fine. Either that, or the case is so closely tight that the tea never had a chance to enter. Either way, I'm glad my machine still works. Back to housework. Gotta get the upstairs presentable for my own self!
Whew!!!! This morning I asked Josh to watch Joy while I did housework upstairs. Well, I come back down and my darling daughter has once again emptied my purse, found a pen and was trying (unsuccessfully) to write in her brother's math book. I glanced at the table and saw a big puddle. UH OH! I had left my tea (in one of those commuter mugs) on the table and madame had knocked it over. Tea everywhere! and seeping under my laptop!!

"Oh no!" thought I, not to mention the words that came out of my mouth. I should have said "shitake mushrooms" but didn't. Cleaned the table, wiped off the bottom of my laptop and prayed that it would be ok. We have an extended warranty on it, but I don't want to test it just yet. But, as you may have guessed, it works fine. :) WOOHOO! I am such an addict when it comes to my computer. I wouldn't exactly be lost without it (I might even finish a few of my craft projects!), but I do enjoy using it.

Note to self: I tell Josh to move his cups and glasses off the table because his sister can get to them. I need to remember to do the same. She's FAST!
September 24, 2003
Today has been a busy day for Joy. She managed to undress herself AND get into the cookie jar. The girl knows what she wants!

Tim took some pictures trying to undress herself. She managed to get her shirt completely off and then started working on her pants. I guess she didn't like that he tucked her shirt in (I never do), or didn't like how the outfit was put together, who knows.

About the cookie, I set her on the counter to get her a cup of milk. She turned to her side, took the lid off the cookie jar, took a cookie out, and put the lid back on the cookie jar. It was cute, amazing, and another moment when I thought "Damn, my daughter is getting way too smart!".
September 22, 2003
I hate starting the days with housework, at least when I am trying to clean and the kids are frustrating my efforts. More than usual. *sigh* I have paperwork, housework and schoolwork to get done today. Someone give me a hand! (I'm slightly disorganized this morning and having trouble focusing. I have to keep telling myself "One thing at a time, just one thing at a time". )

More later, if I ever regain my focus.
September 21, 2003
Some days, it's just good to take the day off and relax. Take today for example. I had big plans for today. I was going to clean from top to bottom, hit Target or Freddie's and get Josh's room organized and generally get the place looking good.

This is what happened (and I'm all the more relaxed and not stressed about it actually). Got woken up by Joy about 3-something. Brought her back to bed with me to nurse while I returned to deep slumber. She woke up and was raring to go about 7. Tim and I tag-teamed between sleeping and keeping an eye on her till about 7:30 when we realized it was futile and we might as well get up. Josh was at a friend's and the house was ... quiet. It was wonderful, the quiet.

I made breakfast for Joy and myself (Tim doesn't care for oatmeal, instant or otherwise) and we all watched Saturday morning cartoons and played with Joy. About 9:30 we decided it would be good to take the dog for a walk, so we did, at least 20 minutes, more like 25. Tim said I regularly broke Josh's record when it came to walking the dog. I don't mind doing it except when Josh asks me to out of what I believe to be laziness.

We get back from walking the dog and watch more cartoons. About noon I clean up the living and dining rooms a bit and vacuum. Then I watch more TV and doze. Maybe that came first. Either way, I got in a cat nap and so did Tim. Josh came home around 1:00 PM and well, I didn't stress about it. Does anyone else have a kid that just their very prescence makes your blood pressure and stress level rise? I managed to shampoo/steam clean the carpet in the office. THe smell and stains from the dog were driving me batty. THe office looks ton better, though there are two large brown marks. Not sure if they are dirt or what. But the smell is gone (after 2 days of drying) and the carpet looks a million times better.

Let's see ...... I think I quit cleaning after that. Just relaxed. Josh got two more chapters of reading done and .... did something on my computer. Oh yeah, I got some laundry done and a load of dishes. It was a pretty productive day for me even though I never got out of my PJ's and was trying to relax :)
September 13, 2003
If you want to start thinking about Christmas or birthdays, I've added items for Josh and Joy to my amazon wishlist. Just look in the comment boxes for them. I may start their own though. .. I did. It's here.

Joy is into blocks, basketball, and play animals and Veggie Tale music. Oh yeah, she likes Weird AL polkas too (well, she likes to dance to them).

Josh wants Henry Huggins books on tape (we have the first one), and a few other book related items. I'm sure he will remind me.
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