This morning's quote from Tim regarding our beautiful daughter (and that's an unbiased opinion): [Wednesday;10:24 AM] WhslngDeth: You know, that smile of hers is going to be dangerous.....

And now for last night's adventure

We (as in Tim and I) have been under the impression that our bed was safe from the littlest one unless we put her on it or helped her up. Well, as she is wont to do, she proved just how mistaken we were.

Last night, Tim and I were having a very late dinner of Jack-in-the-Box. Joy couldn't make up her mind whose lap she wanted to sit on, so we put her on the floor. WOOO BOY!!!! First, she got mightily upset, croc tears and red face and everything. Then she tried pulling herself up on our bed. Now she's done this before and usually sticks out her hand to ask for help. Not this time, no sirree! She grunted and she pulled and grunted and cried a little more and climbed herself right up onto our bed!

At this point I gave up trying to eat and got down to the business of nursing her to sleep (after she'd downed 4 oz of regular milk). She finally went to sleep ... some short time before midnight. Man, how does she do it????

And now ... off for another adventure today. It's a Loose Threads Gathering and I hear there's going to be a pool.