You know, I thought I was doing something right. This morning, Joy and I shared a healthy breakfast of homemade oatmeal (I add brown sugar, cinnamon, a touch of butter and some milk). We eat. We enjoy. She gets down and wants to draw. Then we come upstairs. ..... And she decides to have an after breakfast snack of cat food. All I did was go downstairs to explain to Josh (yet again) what the Kitchen Duties were and now I have them in writing and posted, so he has no excuse to skip anything .... and I come back upstairs and she's sitting on the landing calm as can be popping cat kibble. And then she offered me one! I declined, "No thank Joy, I'm full. Let's give the kitties back their food." I think she's full now. She hasn't gotten any in the last few minutes.

Yay! It's time for the Letter of the Day (with Cookie Monster!) and also time to get my dd OFF my box. What is it with my kids and climbing????????


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