Man, am I behind or what????

Well, here's the scoop. Sunday (04/13/2003) Joy started walking backwards for the first time (first time I had ever seen her anyway). What was funny was that she wasn't even trying/didn't realize she was doing it. She was just reacting to her environment, which at this point happened to be a male friend making faces at her and being chased by "Bubba" (big brother Josh, who actually *wants* to be called "Bubba"). She can almost say "bubba" too, but luckily (?) she isn't talking yet. She does have quite the repertoire of cries though.

And now for today's adventure!!!!!!

So, I say to myself, "you better get into the shower while she's sleeping" I says. But, lo and behold, as soon as I've thunk that thought who should wake up? I had her on our bed for her nap since I was typing up reports.... but I digress. I quietly give her a bottle and hope that she's drowsy enough to go back to sleep. No such luck. She did stay in bed for a few minutes, but about 10 minutes into my shower (maybe less, maybe more, time seems to stop for me when I get under that hot water) ... I hear a little coo and see a little shadow at the bathroom doorway. I am thrilled that she didn't hurt herself getting off the bed --we've shown her how to go "butt first!" off the bed-- without adult supervision (all other times either Tim or I have been around to help if needed) ... but a little dismayed that my quiet time to myself is once again interrupted.

So I'm used to her being around when I shower, but I had forgotten to close the lid of the toilet...

Do you remember "The Potty Years" from Tiny Toon Adventures? The one where Baby Plucky is shown the toilet and what it does? Or the phrase "Ducky go down the hoooole" "Diaper go down the hooole", etc. Well, today, it was "Rabbit go down the hooole" and "Towel go down the hooooole". And the look of innocence she tried to give me while fishing for those two things ... well, I had to take a few snapshots.

I had to explain to Tim who Plucky Duck was…..

Off to work now.