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Happy Birthday to you...

Today is Joy's 1st birthday!!!!! And to commemorate the occasion, she went DOWN the stairs, very quietly, very quickly, and very pleased with herself once she got to the bottom. Where she immediately headed for the kitchen trash.

That mother's sense kicked in when I didn't hear any cooing up here. She tends to talk/coo to herself when she’s playing. Up until a few days ago she would automatically stop at the top of the stairs, turn around and come back. I got lax and used the gate only when I couldn't check on her every few minutes. Then she would go to the first landing with Josh. And now this. My daughter...

And now that's she's napping I can get some work done! I have a party to plan!!!!

Man, am I behind or what????

Well, here's the scoop. Sunday (04/13/2003) Joy started walking backwards for the first time (first time I had ever seen her anyway). What was funny was that she wasn't even trying/didn't realize she was doing it. She was just reacting to her environment, which at this point happened to be a male friend making faces at her and being chased by "Bubba" (big brother Josh, who actually *wants* to be called "Bubba"). She can almost say "bubba" too, but luckily (?) she isn't talking yet. She does have quite the repertoire of cries though.

And now for today's adventure!!!!!!

So, I say to myself, "you better get into the shower while she's sleeping" I says. But, lo and behold, as soon as I've thunk that thought who should wake up? I had her on our bed for her nap since I was typing up reports.... but I digress. I quietly give her a bottle and hope that she's drowsy enough to go back to sleep. N…
Today's answer to the question: How have you been?

pretty good. trying to keep the house clean (impossible with a little tornado behind me) and food on the table (want some leftovers?) and doing the mommy thing (working was easier) :)