March 11, 2003
Tim and I made the mistake this week of trying to teach Joy to go down the stairs backwards ... you know, so that she doesn't fall and really crack her head. Not to mention that her legs are too short to go from step to step.

About 5 minutes ago I notice that she's not in the room, nor in her room. I've closed the laundry room and Josh's room ... and she's quiet ... (insert heavy foreboding music here). I walk over to the staircase, she's 3 steps down and on her knees. She looks at me with a HUGE smile, stands up and turns around. She wants to finish going down the stairs!!!! (The landings confuse her still). So I hold her hand and she step-falls down two steps. I pick her up, go downstairs, bring up the gate and get that set up. One of these days she's going to figure out the gate......


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