February 4, 2003
Man! I can't turn my back for a *second*!!!!!! So, I'm getting out some requests and emails before heading out for errands. I'm in the office, so's Joy. Well, I was pretty damn sure she was here, that's where I put her!!! But no, I hear her coo from .... the baby monitor! Say What!!!! The monitor is upstairs!!!!!! (holy shit, dear Lord, please not again). So I run out into the living room. Silly me, I didn't put the gate up. (And usually there is enough here in the office to keep her quite happy and occupied).... So I run up the stairs. She's not in the hallway, her room, or Josh's room. I hear her coo again. She's in the laundry room.... trying to make off with the cat food. *Sigh*

She's now down here safe (?) with me, playing in the downstairs bath with the doorstop (yes, the toilet lid is down) and the gate is up so she can't go mountain climbing again. She did it so FAST! and quietly too. I feel another gray hair coming on...


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