She did it! Ok, this isn't as big as rolling over, but it's still big for me since I finally got to see the whole process from start to finish.

For the past week or so I have suspected that Joy could sit herself up. I'm pretty sure I witnessed it this past Saturday, but she went back on her stomach so quickly and the bumper was in the way (she was in her crib). But today ... I sat her on the floor, and went to her tummy almost right away (so much for sitting for hours at a time *sigh* -- she's really determined to crawl) and then she was about a roll away to the right and sitting up again!

Usually I see her doing this half sit thing, but never fully going back into the sitting position.... and there she goes. She's sick, and that makes her cranky..... And Josh wants to go play at a friend's house.

More later if I get the chance. But my baby can sit herself up!