Peter Pan is a hard book for me to read, I didn't realize it till we started reading it aloud today. Man, something about that era and run-on sentences. Not that there were many of those, but some of the sentences didn't make sense no matter how many times and different ways I read them. And his metaphors ....... well, it doesn't make for easy reading these days. And here I thought I was an accomplished reader!

Joy is officially crawling! She put it all together just a little bit ago as I was reading Peter Pan. All of a sudden there was a baby at my feet when she had been about a body length and a half (of hers) away when I started). I had been watching her out of the corner of my eye and saw her move hands and knees, but it didn't click that she was crawling.

Josh just came to me with Joy in arms. I said, " I didn't hear her crying". Josh replied, "She wasn't."

"Then why did you bring her to me?" I asked.

"Because she's getting into my Pokemon cards". ....

I told him to get them off the floor (which is now nicely vacuumed) and sort his cards at the table. Now that Joy is crawling he's going to have to be more careful about what he puts on the floor.

Now the fun begins ... Oh hunny! It's time to buy those gates!


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