Joy sort of crawled the other night. Monday night to be exact, during 7th Heaven. She sometimes gets very determined.... But, she was on her hands and knees doing the butt-wiggle when all of a sudden, out went an arm, and then the opposing knee... and then flop on her belly. Up she went, and then the other hand, the other knee... flop on her belly. She did this a few more times till she had the item of her desire (I forget what it was, something she probably shouldn't have but wasn't too dangerous I guess :) )

She's getting pretty mobile with just rolling around too. I'll sit her down in the middle of the floor and ten minutes later she's halfway across the room! And it's not even proper rolling (at least, not when I actually watch her, she never seems to move much when I am actually *watching* her) ... I digressed.... oh yeah, she starts out sitting, leans forward in a controlled fall to her belly (she's great at that now) and then rocks and rolls wherever she wants to go.