I can't seem to sleep. I woke up about 3:15 a.m. to give Joy her feeding. Got that done, turned down the heat (actually, told the program to run itself, I had forgotten to do that before I passed out) and then found that I couldn't sleep.

She seems to be coming down with a cold. Probably got it from Maykayla. I love my niece, but I think I will Lysol everything she touched of Joy's the last time she was here. i got the humidifier from Josh's room, set that up, then came down here. I've managed in the last 45 minutes to refill Josh's Rx online, get another article into the Talley Times and get a partial itinerary to my mom. Southwest has a special right now, so hopefully she can get it. If not, I'll be looking for the cheapest fares I can find elsewhere.