It's been one busy week! And it's not over yet! I did some volunteering at the school and by lunch time I realized that Joy is getting pretty heavy. I had her in the backpack position in the Snugli(TM).

Josh asked if I could stay all day. Either he wanted me to or he wanted a ride home. Probably a ride home. If nothing else comes up, I might volunteer two or three mornings a week. That class was crazy! Lots of kids, all at different levels. I think it would make more sense to break kids up into what levels they are instead of by age. Or even by levels and learning styles. That would make a little more sense than giving a teacher a bunch of kids and making her sort out where they are academically to tailor as much as possible the curriculum for them.

Time to catch some z's and/or stare at Joy ... the baby who never naps. At least she is almost sleeping all the way through the night.


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