This morning Joy had her first taste of cereal. I went cheap and bought Carnation's cereal that comes in a can just like it's formula. Just to try it. Joy loved it! Rice and Banana flavor, kinda sweet.

I decided today would be a good day to try it with her since she kept smacking her lips while I ate my cereal, even though I had just finished feeding her. So I made about 2 teaspoons of cereal, added water to make it just a little thicker than formula, and proceeded to feed her. I think she likes gumming the spoon too. I nursed her a little more (my daughter, the Hungry Hungry Hippo), put her in the swing and within in 5 minutes she was OUT! Hallelujia, she's napping :)

The link above (Joy loved it) is to pictures of her first meal. I took the shots in between her eating. It would have been a lot easier if the shutter button was on the left. :) (I'm definitely a righty).

Now, time for me to shower and maybe get a chore or two done before I have to go pick up the kidlet. It's Park Day!


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