So, tomorrow is the first day of school, and part of me is excited. Remembered excitement from when I went to school and actually enjoyed it. Once I got into magnet schools, there wasn't much that I disliked about school -- except maybe the long bus ride on hot days, but that's another story. I'm also excited because it's a new phase in our life. I mean, how much time in a day will I now waste?

Josh and I have tried homeschooling, and I think we want to do it again, but with a little more preparation. This past year was enlightening: Josh and I have *very* different learning styles/teaching styles. That caused all sorts of clashes. Then there was the parent vs. teacher role (how do I assert authority when I am being both?) and of course "My teacher didn't do it that way" and "You don't teach me" -- "What do you mean I don't teach you?". It finally dawned on me that it was my style. I wasn't at a black(white) board lecturing.

We finally settled on a compromise of me reading and quizzing him orally, which seems to be the Charlotte Mason method, but if I do that I need to be a bit more strict about it. If we don't homeschool again I think we will find a way to get him into a private Christian school. Sorry, I just don't trust the public school system in this state (See related article)

But I digress (in a big way!) -- the point of this particular rant is school suppiles. I have yet again had to shell out $$$ (though not the arm and leg it has been in prior years) for school supplies. As I was putting together Josh's things for the morrow I realized that throughout elementary school, I only had to bring a backpack, folder with paper and pencils. Paints, crayons, etc. were always in the classroom. I may need them at home for various projects, but that was usually just some colored pencils. The cut backs are ridiculous. Parents are now having to pay for items that may be used in a "community" setting in the classroom. What are our taxes going to????? We still pay property taxes, what are they used for? Especially since they are re-assesed every year (or is it every two years). Very frequently. ... and I got distracted and lost my train of thought. More on this rant later :)


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