The one thing I do miss about homeschooling is that I didn't have to worry about begging neighbors and relatives for money for my son's school. There is so much pressure put on these kids to sell. Not to mention the incentive junk. I remember doing fundraising in 6th grade, to raise money for a trip to Catalina Island. This was above and beyond school curricula and to make sure that parents of us 6th graders wouldn't have to pay through the nose for this trip. It was a great experience (CIMI, not the fundraising). Then again in High school. I can't remember what that was for, but it was selling See's Chocolates, so all I had to do was give the box to my dad and he'd come home at night with the money. Chocolate bars are so much easier to sell than Wrapping paper! And you get your product right then!

But now kids have to fundraise for books, computers, and playground equipment. How wrong is that??? What is the state doing with money that is supposed to be earmarked for education?

At least the school is in the 21st century. You can look through the catalog online and call favored student to place your order :) Ok, off to email friends and family and beg for money :)