I HATE teething!!!!! Yesterday was worse, but today I have spent most of the day in bed (I made it first) with my daughter beside me, feeding her and trying to keep her asleep. She seems to not want to take more than a 20 minute nap, and well, I can't do much in 20 minutes. 10 to make sure that she *is* asleep, 5 to decide what I should do, and another 10 trying to get her *back* to sleep after I move her or my arm from under her head (math never was my best subject). And then we start all over again.

I finally gave up around 1. I lay down beside her, put a light blanket over us and decided I should get my nap in too while feeding her. I think we both slept for at least a half hour. Then it was time to wake up because Josh would be home soon. Now that he is, I feel like I can get things done around the house.

Maybe I should look into getting a Mommy's helper during the day. I always had help with Josh because my grandmother and aunt were around .... and he was a lot more content to stay in his swing. His sister .... has a mind of her own :)

Ok, time for a little email and a LOT of laundry.