I got Josh off to school -- in time no less. Met his teacher, she seemed a little harried ... and managed to ask her if she needed/wanted parent volunteers. She said she loves them. I figure I might as well do it so I can see what my child is learning and keep an eye on him :)

As we got into the classroom the teacher had 4 items listed on the white-board. 1) Where to put your lunch (there's a microwave in the classroom, I wonder if I can send him to school with things to be re-heated) 2) What to do with some of those community type school supplies (the paper, Kleenex, baby wipes and film). I had actually put the paper in Josh's binder. Hope she doesn't mind. It's not like the supply list said that the paper would be used community style.
3)I forget what 3 was ..... and 4) start your "Fun Book".

There are two Joshes in his class, and I think both of them have a last name that begins with H. This is going to be an interesting year. I hope he doesn't get stuck with a lot of busywork (yeah right). And I hope we can both enjoy it.

Kinda nice starting the day out early. I have the whole day ahead of me to either waste or get a lot done. I'm aiming for something in the middle. Now it's time to shower and run errands.