Another SNAFU by the school today. Yesterday, the principal called and told me that that bus stop would be 231st and Birch. We met the bus driver there a few minutes ago. He told us, that wasn't on his list of stops for our neighborhood, but the one where I saw kids congregating this morning was. He'll speak to the principal about it. Though it also may have been a SNAFU by the Transportation Services office. Either way, this wouldn't have happened if the school district had common sense and let the kids in our neighborhood go to the school that is practically across the street (I mean, come on, 2 blocks away!) Instead they would rather spend time, money, and gas to bus kids 5 miles away.

Not a big deal if West Union was a magnet, and one that my child wanted to go to, but it's not.

I also had to remind Josh that this wasn't the teacher's fault. Why? Because he has made it his goal to make sure that everyone at West Union knows that he doesn't like it there and wants to go back to Orenco. He had a plan of bad/troublesome behavior all worked out. Yesterday afternoon I thought it was pretty funny and clever. But then Tim and I reminded him of the consequences and let him know that if he behaved badly and got a bad reputation, Orenco might not want him back. So I think he will behave *crossed fingers*.