She did it!!! I saw it this time. My baby girl rolled over! and she's only 16 weeks old (just over 3 1/2/ months and 10 days away from 4 months).

All day today I have had the feeling that she was doing it, but had no visual proof. This morning when I got in the shower I had left her on her back facing one direction. Josh came and told me that she was crying. I got out a few minutes later and she was on her stomach facing the other direction. I wasn't sure if my son had picked her up out of the crib and put her back in .... and he said he hadn't, but he has a *very* short memory at times.

The second time I had left her on the floor after changing her diaper. I got up to get some water and check my email. When I turned around she had scooted off her play mat and looked like she was trying very hard to roll over. I turned back to the water and when I turned around she had rolled over to her stomach and was holding her head up!

The third and final time when I actually got to *see* the whole thing was while helping Josh cook dinner. I had just finished feeding her and lay her on her back on the floor (on her play mat). I covered her with a light blanket and of course she kicked it off. After doing that she managed to roll to her side. The she went back to her back. She did this a few times, seeming fairly confident that she could get all the way over. It was kind of entertaining to watch her roll back and forth getting up the momentum to go all the way over, and then she did! She rolled all the way over and then pulled her arm from under her.

next step, crawling. I was barely ready for this. I'm not ready for her to crawl yet (I know, I'll stop whining soon enough).


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