Tonight Joy laughed for the very first time, and it was a very hearty laugh! (tonight being the 28th, not the 29th when I actually got around to writing this) ....

So anyways, Tim and I were putting the crib together and all of us (Tim, me, Josh and probably Joy too) were hot and short of temper. It had been a long day in Salem and somewhere between leaving my aunt's and getting home, everyone's disposition had gone out the window. I got Joy fed and took her upstairs too see what the problem was with the crib (used -- it didn't come with assembly instructions). Tim and I got it figured out and I asked Josh to keep his sister occupied while we finished putting it together. A few minutes later we hear something between a laugh and a cry and Josh saying "She's laughing! I made her laugh!" ... He was jumping on her mattress (which was on our bed) and saying "Abu!". Now when I say "Abu" all I get is her gorgeous smile (she's turning into a flirt already .... but that's another tale). He did it a few times and I watched her face light up in a huge smile and this honest-to-goodness belly laugh came out of her. All good, though I wish I had a tape recorder ... it didn't sound quite what I would expect a 3-month old's laugh to sound like :)

Ok time for bed.