Joy is just over 3 months old and I can't believe how time has flown. Not to mention how big she's getting!

She now has a problem that I fear may break her neck. When she gets hungry she starts arching her neck and rooting. However, she now has enough power in her legs to get herself completely turned around (and stuck) in her bassinet .... the first night it happened I thought I had almost broke her neck in trying to get her out. I was half asleep and just started to pick her up as always when I realized that her neck is arching in a nasty way. Woke me right up!

Tim tried to help one night too. She had started to cry and I couldn't get her out :( He came over to help and saw how stuck she was, not a nice place to be in when half asleep. He held her head while I got her straightened out. Definitely time to get the crib set up.