It's 4 weeks and one day after Joy was born. She'll be a month old tomorrow .... actually today since it's after midnight that I am writing this. I can hardly believe that nearly a month has passed by. The time really does fly by, and I'm not always having fun!

I forgot how time consuming newborns are. And the fact that I could just sit and hold her and stare at her for hours (even though the idea of that is very boring to me, this past week I have found myself spending a lot of time doing just that). It's not even conscious. I finish feeding her .. rather, she finishes feeding and pulls off and if she starts to nod off, I just hold her.

Quick summary:

Week 1: In the hospital and then home. By Thursday I was feeling sore and by Friday I was in agony. I had to postpone Josh's birthday party because I could barely walk. I didn't get much accomplished that week. We did go to church though. I was already starting to get a touch of cabin fever and needed to get out of the house, no matter how painful it was.

Week 2: I was feeling better. Sitz baths and walking around a bit were helpful. I was able to take Josh to his pottery class. The walk to Target did wonders for getting the blood flowing. Still the only clothes that fit were my maternity ones. Joy is still absolutely tiny and barely fit in the Snugli. She also got her first bath and her umbilical cord fell off May 4th. The following is an except from the conversation had after Tim volunteered to change her diaper:

Tim: Her belly button disappeared!

Annette: "It did what?"

Tim: Her belly button is gone

Annette: What are you talking about?

Tim: That yellow thingy ... her belly button ... it's gone

Annette: Her umbilical cord?

Tim: Whatever, it's gone.

Things accomplished .... Josh's party. I think this was the week that I started doing laundry every day, at least one load, but I can't remember now. It must have been though. I haven't really stopped doing laundry since either. Tim and I create a lot and Joy is starting too. I changed her twice today just because of diapers!

Week 3: I ran a few errands and seriously began feeling like a cow. My little angel girl has a very healthy appetite!

Week 4: I've been thinking about getting my homework done and turned in and have even gotten a few paragraphs written. I don't get much done during the day and am tired during the evening. I end up taking a nap most days between 5 and 6:30. Otherwise I am exhausted. Even though I think I may be getting enough sleep I am starting to look like a raccoon. Joy is looking very plump and healthy and bright-eyed though :)

My little angel girl is gaining weight quite nicely and she's already scooting. Well, she's been scooting for about two weeks now and trying to hold her head up. She can hold it for a few seconds. She can't turn her head yet though she tries. I think her favorite uncontrollable (?) thing to do right now is squirt when Tim says "Smile for Daddy". She does something else that starts with "s" and requires a diaper change :)

Ok, it's late and I get the feeling that I am repeating myself.

I had a ton more planned to write about, but I hear her gurgling, so it's time to go and feed her again.

More later, though who knows how much later ..... how could I forget how much time they take???!!!!!