Well, we tried inducing the fun way last night. I feel great, but no contractions yet. Had a few braxton-Hicks that I was able to mostly sleep through. Though I could feel great since it was one of the few decent nights of sleep that I've had in a week.

Tim is still recovering :)

I am finally becoming resigned that this baby will come in her own due time, and if my hunch is right, it won't be till the 24th (40 weeks after the date of conception -- July 24th) even though my due date is the 16th. I am now 39 weeks from LMP ... but only 37 weeks gestation. My doc says she'll induce at 41-1/2 weeks ... I'm assuming LMP since I really don;t want to be pregnant till the end of April.

Well, I have a paper to finish. I'm doing that student and mom thing again and just praying that I don't get burnout again.