Well, we already knew that having a baby was gross and undignified. It was confirmed again last night. After hours of unsuccessful (I'm not dilating dammit!!!!) labor we went home. Tim confined me to the bedroom since the nurse had told me to go home and rest.

Stop reading right now if you are easily grossed out!

So .... doing that emptying the bladder thing and the mucus plug plops out of me! I heard this plop and knew I hadn't done #2 ... and there's this *thing* that resembles a small cork. It wasn't bloody or anything .... but hopefully that means *real* contractions will start soon. I've been dilated to one centimeter for 3 weeks now! Ready to get a move on. Our fear for this week is that our darling daughter will decide to come when I am in class on the East side of Portland. We live on the west side (side being determined by the Willamette River) and our hospital is over here too. Though I could probably go to any hospital in the Providence system.

Ah well, time to get in a few more Saturday morning cartoons. X-men Evolution should be starting soon.