Well, the wait has begun in earnest. Last night was long. Had a few powerful, painful contractions ... after about 3 hours (only at the end did they seem a little more regular) did they go away. I did the whole changing position thing (walking was not helping and neither was sitting). Laying on my back with my legs elevated a little was doable though. Tim stayed awake with me the whole time and probably for a little while after ... he slept until almost noon today. I fell asleep around 5 am and woke up around 9.

Today is the day to do homework. I would much rather go through clothes and sort them, but I have to be good and do my homework while I still have the time.

It's kinda funny. I've been worried about not being totally prepared, so yesterday we went to Babies R Us to look at strollers that would fit the car seat Bobby and Erin gave us. We actually found one that we both like (Director's Plaid, the next one up from the Featherlite if you really want to know) and then looked at car seat covers (the one on the car seat clashes terribly with the stroller ... it's the nesting in me) .... and then over to Costco to get diapers and wipes. And that night I start having contractions .... well, maybe she'll come real soon now.

Off to the library. I have to get some definitions out of the OED.


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