Well, at the rate that the baby is kicking me and contractions are coming ... I think I am going to be pregnant till the 16th. To me, there just doesn't seem to be much progress. I was impatient with Josh, one week of false labor was more than enough! But with Joy, it has been requested that I don't induce. Unless I do it the fun way :) If you want to know what the fun way is email me.

Also email me if you have any really good boy names. Just in case. I get another ultrasound tomorrow to see if the baby is growing ok. My doctor is a tad concerned because I am small for my dates. There is nothing good out there when I did a search for small for dates. I have none of the health problems associated with Intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). I try not to worry since I was very small with Josh and he came out average sized and scored 9.9 on the Apgar. I'm much bigger (in my eyes) with Joy than I was with Josh. And her heart rate has been fine. I just hate it when doctor's even *hint* that there could be something wrong.

Ok, time to do the mommy thing and get Tim out of bed. Even on a nice sunny day such as today he's still in bed. Sometimes I worry about him ... but that's another post.


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