Every day for the last few weeks I have woken up feeling like an arthritic old woman. My hands are swollen (and stay that way until almost bed time) and my back is killing me, despite regular visits to the chiropractor. Yes, I am definitely ready to be done.

On a happier yet more uncomfortable note -- false labor has begun. Started last Friday (the 22nd) and has progressed to the point where they are more frequent and more uncomfortable, but not yet painful. I'm getting tired of these and wanting the painful ones to begin already. My mom says that I can wish for the baby on any day but today. I suppose that would be bad ... well, not bad, but funny. I don't think my mom wants to be the grandmother of an April Fool's baby.

Well, time for me to get the day started. I really don't mean to gripe, this is more a reminder journal of why one shouldn't get pregnant :) God has a funny way of making everyone forget all the bad stuff and focus on the bundle of Joy. I mean, even Tim is getting excited and has admitted that he's already starting to feel attached to the baby even though (s)he's not here yet.