Another long night of unfruitful contractions. They started just after dinner (close to 9 p.m., late dinner) and lasted till about midnight when it was safe to declare that there was no point in going to the hospital since they were decreasing in strength and frequency.

Poor Josh, he was really disappointed. He asked if he could sleep in clothes just in case (at 10 p.m.). We said yes because at the rate I was crushing Tim's hand it looked like we would be going around 11. By 10:30 they had subsided and I got a break. Then they started up again for about 20 minutes around 11 and then quit. A few more good ones right before midnight ... and then .... nothing. Lots of little "watch my stomach turn into a mountain and then a hill" type contractions (Braxton-Hicks, just a tightening of the uterus) but none of the painful "Let's get this baby out of here tonight" type contractions. I was actually a little disappointed too. I'm tired of this teasing.

Josh fell asleep around midnight complaining about how he wanted to go to the hospital (he wants to meet his sibling soon) and Tim and I watched the Cosby Show on Nick at Nite before going to sleep. We were both too tired to try any of the natural ways of inducing. Maybe I can wake him up that way, he's still asleep.

My doc says I can try sex, breast stimulation and castor oil. I know castor oil works because I used it with Josh. But Tim would rather try the more pleasant ways of induction first.

If Joy hasn't shown up by Monday I'll be monitored for a bit and then induced sometime next week.