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The baby dropped last Monday (the 18th) ... Tim noticed before I did and didn't say anthing. We should take a picture before I have the baby ... I noticed while brushing my teeth. My shirt suddenly looked different, and I was very big up front. Now I definitely look pregnant, but still no where near 9 months and counting the days.

On another note, the Friday of that week was my first pelvic exam (3/22/02). Men, be glad you're not female. Imagine having the "Turn your head and cough" test on a weekly basis. That's where I am at now. I was feeling fine till the darn pelvic exam. That night at our class I had to start using the techniques that they are teaching us. I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions Though it may be that I am having false labor. Either way, what fun, eh? I started panicking and just had to get the bag for the hospital. Then I felt better. Then I started having these damn contractions more often. At least they aren't as painful as they coud b…
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