The Rubber Band Issue

I had a ton to write during the first three months, but of course I was too tired ... then I felt too stupid. Do you know how many brain cells babies tend to take away when you are making them ?????? Ok, not the fun part of making them :) but when they get down to business and start growing? And I wasn't in the best of shape to begin this with either.

I decided to write today because of the rubber-band issue. I knew I was getting bigger. Tim definitely knows I'm getting bigger (it's all I talk about when I'm not talking about other aspects of the pregnancy) .. but today, I had to ask my son for a rubber band. I'm wearing jeans that fit comfortable *all* last week. They got washed. I am pretty sure they didn't shrink. The length is the same. But I could not button them without feeling as if I need to lose 5 lbs!

These are the last pair of jeans that fit and I am about to throw a temper tantrum ... mainly because I spent all my money on Christmas presents and now don't have any for new clothes. I hardly ever buy new clothes. .. but what do you do when your pants don't fit anymore and your overalls are starting to feel pretty snug, even the new ones you bought because the others were getting snug. *sigh*. Ok that's my rant.

On the happy, joyful side of this, according to the ultrasound, our baby (girl!) is fine and healthy. I can't wait for April to get here.