Ok, this is downright scary. Harper Collins wants to re-publish The Chronicles of Narnia without it's Christian themes.The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the greatest series ever written. It's the only series that I have read, and re-read, and re-read again. And I plan on reading it to my son and having him read it on his own. It's enough that Harper Collins re-issued the books out of order (I'm sorry, they really do make more enjoyable reading when they were in their original published format and NOT in chronological order, the only way you can find them now unless you go to a used bookstore like Powell's). .... But I digress.

This was on MSNBC and I just came across it: The folly of censoring C.S. Lewis --Publisher ponders purging Narnia of its mysticism "Plans are afoot to purge Christian content from the seven Narnia stories. These children’s tales written by C.S. Lewis, one of the most important writers of the century, are apparently too Christian for Harper Collins publishers." ....... *sigh* what is this world *coming* to???????????

I wonder if there is some way to forcefully protest this. Has HarperCollins lost its collective mind?
According to the article:
Presumably the Harper publishers do not know many Christians and are not Christians themselves. Hence they figure that since there are no Christians in their world, there aren’t really many left any more. Ignorance mixed with bigotry and greed drives the New York publishing world to folly.....Eradicate religion from Narnia and you destroy all the charm and the power of the stories. You might just well issue them as comic books. Hopefully, those who detest bigotry, arrogance, greed and violation of a writer’s work will leave the Harper corruption of C.S. Lewis stories rotting on the book shelves.