My Personal Review of Enterprise

Just my two cents, I was impressed, it has a lot of potential, Jonathon Archer has a lot more balls than even Kirk :) ... but was anyone else upset/annoyed by the gratuitous sex scenes? The decontamination scene of T'Pol and Tucker and the alien dancers? (Well, the dancers weren’t so bad, but focusing on their anatomy was what made me tell my son to close his eyes and just listen). Not to mention showing all the guys packages (talk about tighty whities!)

My son sometimes watches Trek with me (kept asking where Picard was) and I had to keep telling him to close his eyes or disregard some parts of conversation. I mean .. I look to Trek for entertaining AND intelligent TV .... and some of the scripting didn't impress me. I love the story, but I just feel that there are better ways to carry it off without making it so obvious that you want you audience to be 18-34 yr old males who need T&A to make a show worth watching.


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