I had another freaky dream. We've been looking for a house/apartment to live in, together, after we are married. I elaborate because one rental company appears to have trouble understanding this concept.

Doors keep getting slammed in our faces or the floor falls out beneath us. We're frustrated or taken by surprise, it gets a little frustrating.

So my dream last night, that still has me unsettled (why would my brother show up to play basketball???) .... was that we were going through our list of possible rental homes. We go to this really nice one. I arrive first with my son in tow. We're greeted by the lady of the house (?) ... who was still in her bathrobe. I look at my watch, it's 9 a.m. on a Saturday. Maybe we're early. I'm not exactly an early riser on the weekend ..... She yells up the stairs to the man I assume is her husband and then goes back to the den area (adjacent to the dining room, a very nice one too) where she picks up the morning paper. There's another man in there too, but we aren't introduced. Tim shows up and the man of the house (owner?) takes us around. This place seems huge, well, very spacious. I'm thinking "I could live here". I was already getting an inkling of redecorating that I wanted to do. Then he shows us the *bedroom* that's for rent. Not the house. A small *bedroom*. I'm a little confused and shaken. Could have sworn that the ad was for a *house* for rent. I look at Tim, who's getting more pissed off by the second (guess he read the ad the same way I did). He storms away, I follow telling the man "thank you very much for your time, but we really need a house" .... and then my brother shows up in another dining area that we were passing through with a basketball and Nikes, just about ready to play if Tim is up for a game .....

The dream ended there. It's about as bizarre as I let it get, and then I couldn't get back to a decent sleep. Maybe I am letting all these life changes get the better of me.