Menu Plan Monday: Give Me a Reason to Drink

March 15, 2021
Ok, I don't really need a reason, but with the one-year anniversary of "Safer at Home", Pi Day, and St. Patrick's Day (in Boston no less) - it seems like there are a few good reasons in there.

Menu Plan Monday: Something Different

December 29, 2020
Guess what?!? I am NOT doing a Whole 30 this year! This year we will be starting the year with Round 2 of a 21 Day Fix. After stuffing ourselves fuller than a Thanksgiving (or Christmas) turkey, we're kind of sick of food. Or at least rich foods. Y'all, I am craving arugula and brussels sprouts. Brussels Sprouts!!!


Menu Plan Monday: Costco-sized Chicken Meal Planning

November 1, 2020

A few weeks ago, I may have mentioned a Costco run. We are still eating the chicken that I picked up. Thank goodness for a large freezer!

So obviously, I have to get creative with the chicken prep this week. This might have been easier if I was doing a rubber chicken plan instead.

Menu Plan Monday: Still Getting Fixed

October 12, 2020



Good news! Losing weight! Very slowly.

Bad news! Portion control sucks even when you are eating healthy but the food tastes damn delicious. That is one thing about this program that I like, the base recipes are pretty tasty and I can season to my heart's content. 

Menu Plan Monday: A Return to Clean Eating

September 22, 2020


I mean honestly, how many times do I have to do this? You know, before I learn my lesson? And just stick to a maintenance way of eating? Stress so gets in the way.

Vanilla Caramel Mocha Breakfast Shake

July 1, 2020
Ok, so this has probably been done before but I couldn't find anything in my pre-coffee search.
I woke up late, haven't been hungry, but I know I need to eat, but I really really really need coffee before even thinking about my Zoom meetings for the day. 

I also wanted a reason to use the caramel extract I bought for a different recipe.

Chocolate Shakeology (vegan - you can probably use any chocolate protein mix, my other favorite is Bob's Red Mill)
Vanilla coconut milk (I personally hate almond milk).
Caramel extract (from Olive Nation, FAST SHIPPING)
Take a healthy sip and add more coffee. 

Start Zoom. Sip while on mute and contemplating non-career limiting statements. 

*non-affliate links. Straight to the vendor.

Menu Plan Monday: Week ... ?

May 11, 2020

Let's see, I've been home since Thursday, March 12, 2020. I last remembered to publish here ... on April 7. It doesn't feel like more than a month. I mean, we've been eating on a regular basis. Every. Single. Night. And only eaten takeout a few times, less than a handful. 


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