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Recipe: Everything Free Beef Stroganoff

Written By Annette on Thursday | 4:10 AM

Trust me. It tastes amazing. Even the picky teenager liked it.
Beef Stroganoff
Beef Stroganoff over Zoodles

I've been craving beef stroganoff the way a pregnant woman craves pickles and ice cream. But, it doesn't fit my current dietary needs and is a trigger for every one of my daughter's food intolerances. And then I had a dream. I've been doing substitutions long enough that it finally came to me, just took a little longer than normal with everything going on lately.

Low-Carb, Lacto-Paleo, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Ketogenic Beef Stroganoff


2tbsp Coconut oil
1.5 - 2lbs beef (top round sirloin works well)
3 cups mixed mushrooms
1 cup pearl onions
1 cup beef broth
garlic, sea salt and pepper to taste
1.5 cups lactose free sour cream
Zucchini Noodles or Gluten-Free Supergrain Pasta Shells

I don't tend to move things in and out of a pan, so this recipe skips all of those steps.


  1. Cut meat across the grain into bite-sized pieces
  2.  Heat the coconut oil in a skillet
  3. Add onions, mushrooms, garlic, salt and pepper and sautée until mushrooms are soft. Feel free to taste test to adjust seasonings
  4. Add meat, cook until browned
  5. Add broth
  6. Add sour cream
  7. Thicken with gluten-free corn starch if necessary.  Cover and turn heat down to low while you cook noodles according to package directions or make zoodles.

Serve stroganoff over noodles of choice or both if you want.

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