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Menu Plan Monday: Home Skillet

Written By Annette on Saturday | 1:30 AM

At some point in the near future I will remember to hit publish before Friday since I menu plan and grocery shop on Sunday ....

This week I realized that in trying to use up all of the meat in the freezer and keep my grocery bill as low as possible (between checks and all that), everything I planned was hearty one-skillet meals. WIN! Less clean up. Also, the grocery bill was $84. It hasn't been that low in months!

It's also the week that my daughter returns to school and I try to get on an earlier schedule for work. So having an easy menu makes for more time for ... homework.

  • Monday: Beef and Bean Chili Verde - super easy because I simply use Fresh & Easy green salsa. It's much spicier than their salsa verde. Bonus, there's enough left overs for both me and Joy to have hot lunches.
  • Tuesday: Blackened (Cajun) Chicken (tenders) over zoodles (with sauteed zucchini) and avocado (sauce). The recipe is here. I improvise for time and kept it in one skillet. The kidlet ate 2.5 servings. No leftovers. This made both of us sad as I had to give her lunch money for a school lunch.
  • Wednesday: Curried Turkey Cutlets (patties) with dried apricots. Again, enough leftovers for lunch.
  • Thursday: Shortcut Red Beans and Rice
  • Friday: Either Zuppa Toscana or Pizza.
So, what did you guys eat this week?

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